At the European meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Vienna, Minister Ditmir Bushati emphasized the consistent attitude of Albania in relation to EU foreign policy. 

Minister Bushati noted the considerable progress that Albania has recently made on its path towards European Union membership, having already begun the 'screening' process. 

"I think we have made significant progress over the last few months and now there is a clear horizon for Albania, but also for our neighbor. There is also a time limit. 

"We have started the screening process which will give us great opportunities for transforming our institutions and reforms," said Ditmir Bushati. 

Bushati also spoke about the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, declaring that this dialogue needs to be closed with a legally binding reciprocal agreement that will bring more stability to the region. 

"Equally important is to encourage this process, so that, hopefully, it will be finalized through mutually recognized agreements, mandatory legal agreements that will provide more democratic stability throughout our region," said Minister Ditmir Bushati. 

During his stay in Vienna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Bushati also attended the reception hosted by the Federal President of Austria.