Albanians are forced to pay to fill up their petrol tanks than any other country in the region.

Despite this, arguably the most controversial of Minister, Belinda Balluku, has issued a draft law that will bring yet another price hike of about 20 lekë per liter!

The Hydrocarbon Association considers this law unfair, especially when companies are obliged to hold deposits.

The law on the creation, maintenance and management of the minimum reserves of crude oil security and its byproducts will bring additional costs to companies and citizens.

From the calculations, it turns out that one liter of diesel will be increased by 20 lekë.

Among other things, this law aims to establish the State Agency responsible for maintaining and managing security reserves for crude oil and its byproducts.

This agency will buy more than 200,000 tons of fuel, which will be stored as a reserve in the deposits and this reserve will be taxed at 20 euro per tons or 20 lekë per liter.

Citizens are concerned about the high price of fuel compared to the level of income.

Albania has the most expensive fuel in the region and the main reason for this is the significant number of taxes applied at both a federal and local level.