A few days after the prosecution took him in as a defendant for a false report on the Babale’s issue, former Democratic MP, Ervin Salianji, published another audio tapping.

According to him, the witness Fredi Alizoti, was offered money by police officers.

From the audio tapping, Alizoti complains to the Fier Police Director that they have abandoned him, while later promising Alizoti that in the end they will give an amount of money to him.

Alizoti spoke with Taulant Balla before speaking to the police officer.

In the Democratic Party headquarters, Ervin Salianji published a conversation between Alizoti and the Fier Police director and according to Salianji, everything had been coordinated by Taulant Balla.

According to the Socialist Movement for Integration, the audio tapping shows that the Police were used by the government.

Now the prosecution has requested the detention of Albert Veliu, who in the video released by the Democratic Party, is the person who held talks over the purchase of cannabis. As for the Democratic Party, the discussion was made with the brother of the former Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj. But the allegation states that the denunciation is in fact false as the conversation held was between Veliu and Alizoti.

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