Appeal against judge, public commissioner: IQC's investigation for Alma Brati incomplete

The Public Commissioner has made a complaint to the Special Appeals College at the Constitutional Court, against decision no. 32, dated the 5th of July 2018. 

This decision relates to the Tirana Court Judge, Alma Brati, who is also a candidate for member of the High Judicial Council and was reconfirmed by the IQC as suitable for duty.

According to the Public Commissioner, in this case, the investigation of the Independent Qualification Commission is incomplete. 

Consequently, the facts and evidence administered at the conclusion of this administrative investigation are insufficient to support the decision from the Independent Qualification Commission in regards to Judge Alma Brati. 

During the Independent Qualification Commission's hearing sessions, it was said that the Tirana Judge had given inaccurate declarations of wealth and that there were problems with several court decisions. 

However, according to the decision, these issues were not considered a legal cause for dismissing her from duty. 

The Public Commissioner declared in the statement that, through this complaint, he requests from the Special Appellate Panel that these deficiencies of the administrative investigation Commission be repaired by the Panel during a re-examination of the case.

So far, the public commissioner has also appealed the Independent Qualification Commission decisions regarding the passing of vetting for the Head of Supreme Court Xhezair Zaganjori and the Head of the Constitutional Court Bashkim Dedja.