In the hands if his rescuers and with the difficulty in walking due to the injury, Alvin Berisha was finally able to embrace his two sisters and father after 5 years of absence.

He arrived at 7:30am on Italian land, from where he departed 5 years ago with his mother, whose decision to join ISIS in Syria cost her life.

Tears of joy during the exciting moments were expressed by the team that rescued him, with the Red Cross head confessing it had been extremely difficult to enter the refugee camp and extract Alvin.

Doctor Maria Jose Falccichia, who participated in Alvin Berisha's rescue operation, recounts in an exclusive interview with Ora News the first moments of the 11-year-old's rescue.

After 5 years of living in Syria, he no longer speaks Italian and only a little Albanian.

Asked where they found little Alvin, because she was part of the troops who worked on the rescue Alvin, the doctor answered:

“He was in the orphanage area, but Alvin is not an orphan. He has a father and two sisters who love him. He has a homeland in Albania that loves him and wants to help him and a country like Italy willing to welcome him.

“We went to Italy and waited for the documents to cross the Syrian border and there we found him. We took him by car to the Red Cross and then to the Italian embassy in Beirut.”

As for his psychological state, the doctor explained:

“Alvin no longer speaks Italian, instead speaking Arabic and few words in Albanian. We wanted to respect the request of the judicial authorities, who wanted to be the first to hear what his life had become after his mother had been radicalized and turned into a fighter.

“So we did not ask him questions that could bring back memories as it was not the right moment.

“We wanted him to make requests. And he asked for things that any kid would - he wanted toys, potato chips, to taste chocolate for the first time, and to have someone to play with,” said the doctor.