At the first meeting of the Political Military Steering Committee, which was held in Tirana, Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka spoke of an open-door policy that would give the region more security. The meeting comes just days after Albania assumed the leadership of the SEDM.

“An open door policy will give new impetus to regional initiatives. Developments in the Western Balkans are a good indication of how this cooperation, with the involvement of NATO and the European Union, can affect the stability and building of modern, peaceful societies.

“Now is the perfect time to extend the same opportunity to other aspiring countries in the region, thereby strengthening regional and international security,” explained Xhaçka.

This year, Albania is also at the forefront of another regional initiative, the US-Adriatic Charter Ministerial, otherwise known as A5.

The focus will be to further strengthen coordination and mutual support, especially with the United States, in the active and effective fight against terrorism and violent extremism.