The Appeals Chamber has closed the main trial for former Prosecutor, Besnik Muç,i and will announce their verdict on November 21st. At this hearing, respective parties are expected to reach their final conclusions.

The Public Commissioner did not withdraw from his request following the Independent Qualification Commission's decision to remove Muçi from the system, while the former prosecutor himself demanded that the IQC's decision be upheld and confirmed.

According to the Commissioner, the subject is not accurately declaring his property, nor did he fully justify it.

There is a discrepancy between the comparisons of a 2006 statement and his vetting declaration, showing a lack of information of the loans he received.

In the meantime, Muçi, who is also currently a member of the Constitutional Court, requested confirmation to duty, calling the Commissioner's findings "inaccurate."

At an earlier hearing, he presented to the Appeals Chamber the balance sheet of a Turkish company, which had links to one of its borrowers but it was not accepted as evidence by the Chamber.