50% of teachers fail

50% of teachers fail

About 50% of candidate teachers have not passed the State Exam. The lowest level of passing was to those who completed their studies for primary school education, where 60% of candidates failed to achieve the required result to get their license.

The failing candidates can resit for the State Exam. While some may have been subjected to the test up to 5 times, as of last October there is no limit for passing the exam, which gives them the right to practice their profession.

According to the data from the Educational Services Center, none of the candidates achieved the maximum possible grade of 10.

The fee to be paid by the candidate teachers to sit the licensing exam is 10 thousand lekë, with an increase of 2,500 lekë for each time they are required to resit.

788 persons who completed high school education in 23 teaching profiles underwent to the license exam in March, but only 49.6% of them have passed it.