The High Council of the Prosecution started the process of interviewing the 23 remaining candidates for the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Structure (SPAK) today.

The High Council of Prosecution commenced hearings with the first four candidates, respectively Altin Dumani, the Head of the Serious Crimes Appeals Court, Anita Jella, a Prosecutor in Durrës, Anton Martini, a Prosecutor of Serious Crimes, and Prosecutor Arben Kraja.

The process will continue until July 12th. After the hearing, the Head of the High Council of the Prosecution, Gent Ibrahimi explained why they were not open to the media as had been announced earlier.

“There was a misunderstanding about the first statement. Interviews are recorded with audio and video, but not to be made public,” said Gent Ibrahimi.

Given that, of the four candidates interviewed today, only the prosecutor Arben Kraja has successfully passed the vetting process, Ibrahimi did not exclude the possibility of a “collision” between the two processes.