Following the dismissal of prison Police Directors for poor performance, the Ministry of Justice has appointed 24 new chiefs.

They will direct security and order across all institutions, from the high-security detention facilities where the most well-known names in the crime world are located to the women's prison at “Ali Demi”.

The new bosses have undergone a preliminary check on the purity of their figures, wealth and professionalism.

Two of the country's prisons have been entrusted to women, with Ali Demi's to be run by Mimoza Rumano and the prison hospital by Elona Prespa.

The only director who has not been affected by the move is Police Chief, Bardhyl Kacorri, who is still in office.

The dismissal of the directors was undertaken with the argument that performance was lacking, as well as the involvement of some of the officers in criminal events.

The most recent case was of Bledar Toçi, the Head of Security at Durrës Prison, who was involved in the murder of Dritan Haxholli in Kavaja.