1.7 Billion Euro in damage in 2018

1.7 Billion Euro in damage in 2018

The High State Control has determined that the state budget suffered 1.7 billion Euro damage during the year 2018.

In giving the final performance report for the government over the past year, the HSC has declared a rather incriminating figure in regards to the mismanagement of citizen taxes that have come from both ineffective spending and the lack of collection on planned revenue.

After the findings, the High State Control filed 41 penal reports to the Prosecutor's office, asserting that 112 individuals bear a criminal responsibility in regards to the damage, including 33 heads of institutions.

The main penal offenses charged by these persons are "Abuse of duty" and "Violation of equality of participants in tenders or public auctions".

Further comments were also made regarding public debt.

After the audits, it was concluded that the level of public debt is higher than 71% if we include overdue obligations.

Concerns were also raised over the lack of monitoring of the existing PPP portfolio and their expected effect on fiscal indicators.

Referring to the current data on a total of 11 concession contracts, the actual expenditures from the state budget amount have been determined as 6.4 billion lekë.

During 2018, audits have been conducted on central institutions by their respective ministries and agencies, general directorates and tax and customs departments.