16 schools are at risk of closure in Fier and Roskovec municipalities because of the sharp drop in the number of students for the new school year.

The Director of Education Branch in Fier, Yllka Beci, says that since May the Ministry of Education has launched a study merging schools with a low number of students. 

"We have been studying and planning in the municipality of Roskovec but we have not yet received confirmation for two schools offering collective classes, whereas in the municipality of Fier we have 14 other schools that are spread throughout the territory and Fier. 

"The reason and purpose of these schools is a very qualitative education of children who live in these territories where the number of students is very small," said Yllka Beci. 

Migration to European Union countries and the domestic movement of families are the main causes for the significantly reduced number of students in some rural areas of Fier and Roskovec, where schools operate with collective classes.

"Each year there is a reduction in the number of students and the reason is the migration of children, where we have family reunification. Family reunions reduce the number of pupils," said Yllka Beci. 

Schools of less than expected students will join those of other villages where the number is higher in order to guarantee a better learning process.

Meanwhile 7187 students from 18 categories in Fier will receive free textbooks for the new school year on the basis of the government initiative.

/Ora News.tv/