In a press release after the boycott that the United Opposition made to the table of the Political Council, the representative of the parliamentary opposition Rudina Hajdari called the latest amendment of the Socialist Party regarding the changes in the Electoral Code dirty.

According to the MP, the SP should reflect as these behaviors simply keep the lists closed.

SP wants not to open the lists. They are looking to have a preferred candidate on the list themselves. PS is taking a step back. This is not an open list, what Albanians want. This is the list of mayors. It’s a trick to keep lists closed.

I ask the SP to reflect on this proposal which in fact keeps the lists closed. I will fight until the end for the lists to be open and more with mayors who put on the candidate lists that come around like sheep. This does not change anything for the SP to reflect on this dirty proposal “, said Hajdari.

According to the SP, the 30% quota for women should not be affected, adding that the lists should be 100% open and the citizen votes for the preferential candidate.

According to the Socialist Party, these amendments constitute the best possible platform, of the widest possible consensus between the ruling majority, the parliamentary opposition and the extra-parliamentary opposition, because they meet every requirement articulated by them.

The amendment of the pink seat states that, “it is the duty and constitutional responsibility of the Assembly to approve the relevant amendments to the Electoral Code to implement the constitutional provisions in force on election issues. The proposed amendments are presented and have exactly this purpose”.