The chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi, has briefly published on Facebook the program of the political force she represents in terms of the agricultural sector.

According to Kryemadhi, agriculture, livestock and agro-processing are key economic sectors that increase well-being and jobs.

Monika Kryemadhi: Half of Albanians live in agriculture. Many of them are on the verge of survival. While Albanians spend about 80% of their income on food. While providing with local production about 30% of food needs.

With our plan, this situation will change.         

Albanian farmers will be directly supported to increase production. About 200 million Euros per year will be invested for farmers to reduce the costs of agricultural inputs and oil, will be supported per unit of production. There will be direct support for every small or bovine animal born and slaughtered, for every bird and poultry for meat, for Albanians to be fed with Made in Albania products, and not to be fed by the world.

We will set VAT% in the entire production chain and we will protect the local production, so that the Albanians can eat better and cheaper.

We will support the food industry and create hundreds of jobs. We keep our word!