Vlahutin-Borchardt: Corruption is a serious problem
09/12/2016 - 17:55

The EU and the OSCE Ambassadors participated in a forum against corruption today, where they declared that corruption remains a great concern in Albania.

The EU Ambassador, Romana Vlahutin, declared that the Vetting Law will fight corruption at high levels of politics.

“Reform of the Judiciary is key, and vetting is the key for the successful Judicial Reform. Vetting is not complicated to understand: what Commissions need to ensure is to look into facts and see if any members of the Judiciary have assets that cannot be justified by their income; if they have any form of link to the criminal world; and if their professional skills are sufficient. In its yearly report, the European Commission formulated distinct recommendations for Albania in order to tackle corruption:  – to demonstrate further progress of and establishing a solid track record of investigations, prosecutions and convictions in the fight against corruption at all levels, including asset recovery; to ensure sound investigations and prosecution of cases referred to prosecutors; to amend legislation on interceptions and surveillance; to amend the legal framework on political party financing and establish an effective and accountable audit system.”- declared the EU Ambassador, offering continued assistance to Albania in its fight against corruption.


Also, the OSCE Ambassador declared that only the Vetting Law will fight corruption at high levels.

“During the last few years, the government of Albania has made significant effort to address the issue of corruption in the country – the policy and legislative framework improvement is notable, but more needs to be done.  Corruption remains a serious problem for the country. The independence and effectiveness of institutions which are supposed to fight corruption continues to be limited by political pressure and weak administrative capacity. Sustained progress on implementing the laws, and good governance policies should be preserved, combined with the expected visible change in the Judiciary.

Often low wages, the social acceptance of bribery, and narrow social networks make the fight against corruption a difficult task. We should dedicate more effort to ensuring the integrity of elected officials, and to build a reliable, functional and transparent public administration.

Nevertheless, different anti-corruption measures should be combined with appropriate economic incentives for public officials”-Borchardt said.

The Minister of Local Issues, who is also the Coordinator for the fight against corruption, declared that the Vetting Law approval is an unprecedented mechanism and a new reality in the fight against corruption.


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