Vice PM on elections, Peleshi: We do not want elections without opposition
21/04/2017 - 18:04

Vice Prime Minister Niko Peleshi declared today that the majority does not want to hold elections without the opposition, but according to him, this is in the opposition’s hands alone, saying:

“We should accept that an electoral process without the opposition does not honor us or our society. We would not like to have elections without the opposition parties, but it is not up to us.”

“Participating in elections is not the parties’ rights, but an obligation to our people. We have registered for the June 18 elections. We have started preparations for the elections, and we will participate in elections. The Socialist Movement for Integration and other parties have also registered. The conditions for an electoral process have been created”.

Commenting on the opposition’s protest, the Vice Prime Minister declared that the Democratic Party is first damaging its image and then the country, stating:

“We cannot be happy from any news coming from the camp of destructiveness. All these actions are not in the Democratic Party’s interest. They are damaging their image”.

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