Vetting, Former President: Judges want to cover their irregularities
19/06/2017 - 18:29

The former president of the Republic, Alfred Moisiu has praised the establishment of the vetting bodies, but he expressed his concern over the lawsuit the association of judges has filed against the vetting law.
According to the former president, the requests of the judges aim to weaken the law and to protect themselves. Mr. Moisiu said that the judges’ requests are unacceptable and expressed his suspicions over the fact how the constitutional court accepted the lawsuit.

Mr. Moisiu said that the lawsuit has been filed at a time when campaign is on focus and that the judges and prosecutors are aiming to hide their irregularities.

According to the former president, vetting is more important than elections, as vetting will regulate the elections.

“The way the constitutional court accepted the appeal is concerning. There is a law that gives judges the opportunity to resign if they were found with any violation. They do not want their past to be investigated, whether they have had any connection with crime or not. This weakens vetting”-declared Moisiu.

The former president declared that the most important thing is that the law remains as it is as if it changes, it will not give the desired effect.

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