Urban re-qualification, Mayor: Vote for SP is a guarantee that work will continue
19/06/2017 - 18:22

Tirana’s mayor Erion Veliaj inspected work in Misto Mame area in Kombinat, which is under reconstructed.
Accompanied by the socialist mp Saimir Tahiri, the mayor said that the property value will increase in this area and asked for the citizens’ vote for the Socialist Party, declaring:

“The socialist MP Tahiri has been asked for two years to complete this project for re-qualification of this area of 35 hectares. We will also work during the summer season, whether there is a campaign or not, whether there are holidays or not. We will work hard in order to make sure that the Kombinat area is urbanized. If we have Sajmir Tahiri here in Kombinat, Edi Rama in government, and other colleagues in all units, we work hard and in two years we will do more of what we have done so far in Tirane. So, the message is clear; vote for Edi Rama and Socialist party if you want to see work, progress and investments”.

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