Unlicensed gas stations, City Hall started today with document checks
10/08/2017 - 18:31

Tirana’s City Hall has begun its operation to check that gas stations are operating with all necessary documents and licenses.

The Vice Mayor declared that there will be zero tolerance for violators of the law, and that administrative measures including the blocking of trade activity will be applied.

None of Tirana’s gas stations have both applied for licenses and provided all the necessary documents, in order to legally exert their activity.

“Currently, 173 gas stations operate in the capital and almost none of them have applied to be equipped with a license, as per their legal obligation.

“In a city where we are asking citizens to fulfill their obligations and pay taxes, we simply cannot allow big businesses or small businesses to make profits, without first adhering to their obligations” – declared the vice mayor.

He went on to add that there is a reason why a tolerant approach to gas stations operating illegally has been adhered to thus far, stating:

“The reason we are at this point is that we wanted to give time to the owners of gas stations to go through the application process.

“Last year, there was a judicial discussion, for which the lee-way period has now ended and the decision of the Council of Ministers has been reinvigorated with new values.

“Now, there is no reason that gas stations should continue to operate in this way”-declared the Vice Mayor.

He called on the business owners to apply for licenses as per their legal obligation.

The Vice Mayor reiterated that no business in Tirane will be allowed to operate illegally, without paying their financial obligations.





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