Tirana Mayor praises people’s solidarity for the needy
07/01/2017 - 17:47

135 children living on the streets and homeless have been sheltered in Social Centers in order to be protected from the cold weather that has swept the country.

Tirana’s Mayor visited Lapraka’s Social Center, where he expressed gratitude to all those people and business owners who have shown willingness to help these vulnerable groups.

“The work done by the citizens has been admirable. I believe that Tirana is the best city, not because there is more money and infrastructure, but because there is more solidarity. I want to thank all those who have contributed with clothes and food. I want to thank them with all my heart. Definitely, Tirana is the city with the most solidarity”-said the Mayor, who also praised the commitment of all the State structures to face emergencies successfully.

“I appreciate the fact that the fire workers have been in absolute readiness. Their intervention has saved people’s lives in some cases. Through the solidarity of everyone, 135 people’s lives have been saved.  Today these people are sheltered in Social Centers, whereas they were on the streets until yesterday”-said the Mayor.



Meanwhile, the City Hall Director of Social Protection asked for citizens to cooperate, especially those who have family members in a street situation; asking for citizens to show solidarity and help them. She also called on business owners to donate to Social Centers.

City Hall has increased the number of Social Centers set up for emergency relief, from 4 to 7, in order to face the increased number of people in a street living situation.


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