‘They can be postponed if time is needed for electronic voting’
06/01/2017 - 18:05

The Democratic Party’s Vice Chairman, Edi Paloka, thinks that the upcoming Parliamentary elections may be postponed, in order to give time for the application of electronic voting and counting.

Mr. Paloka said that if time is needed to ensure electronic voting and counting, the June 18th Parliamentary elections can be postponed by a few months. The DP’s Vice Chairman said that to guarantee free and honest elections is vital for the country’s future.

According to Mr. Paloka, the necessary conditions exist for technology to be used in the coming elections, as the Prime Minister cannot have his way to manipulate the elections.

Mr. Paloka continued saying that, with Prime Minister Rama there is no guarantee for free and honest elections and that the Opposition will use any means to remove him.

The Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party did not exclude protests as an option, and he went even further; warning of instability in the country if the Majority tries to manipulate the elections by buying votes.

“Democratic Party leaders are consulting with Party structures to gather valuable suggestions and relevant stances. If Edi Rama continues to buy votes, there will be consequences, and in this case, we can no longer talk about stability in Albania”-said Paloka.

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