Snow in the northern areas and icy roads in the south
05/01/2017 - 17:56

Cold weather and low temperatures have swept Albania. There is heavy snowfall in the northern areas and icy roads in the south.

In Kukës, intense snowfall started yesterday and has continued throughout today. There are no reported blocked roads at this time.

The National Road is passable only with tire chains and snowfall at Kalimash tunnel has reached up to 25cm.  Currently, 6 snow blowers are working to maintain the roads.

In Dibër, Lura’s Administrative Unit is the most problematic, as it has been blocked since yesterday. Dibra’s municipality declared that 2 snow blowers are deployed to open the roads.

In Shkodër, snowfall continues in remote areas, and vehicles can only circulate with chains on their tires. The Civil Emergency Directory has sent two snow blowers to Pukë and Fushë Arrëz.

In Korçë all roads are passable, though snowfall continues in areas above 1,000 meters.   The Civil Emergency Staff announced that salt has been spread and that there are no problems with vehicle circulation at this time.

There is ice on the roads in the south, but hasn’t caused problems so far.

There are no problems on the National Roads and no electricity interruptions have been reported.



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