SMI chairman in Lushnje,Meta: Conflicting politics caused social traumas
20/03/2017 - 18:28

Chairman of Socialist Movement for Integration, Mr. Ilir Meta, was in Lushnje today where he held a meeting with representatives of the Women’s Movement for Integration.

Mr. Meta emphasized that conflicts in politics have caused big traumas in Albanian society, and added that the duty of politicians is to offer solutions, not add more problems.

Mr. Meta declared, “Conflicting politics is the cause of the social traumas the country has gone through. Your empowerment is the family’s empowerment and it is a direct investment. A mother always spends her revenue on their children’s education, to their family’s wellbeing. Empowerment of women and mothers is the families’ empowerment and this is very important in our society, which has been shocked in the last 26 years by the traumas it has gone through. Conflicting politics is to be blamed for these traumas, because it does not solve social issues. Politics should solve problems, and not add to them.”

The Socialist Movement for Integration Chairman is known to issue clear messages for distancing from the conflicts that have accompanied the political class for many years. He has always declared that the Socialist Movement for Integration is the political party that eases the conflicts.

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