SMI candidate in Vlore, Shezai Rrokaj: The big change is coming
19/06/2017 - 18:21

The Socialist Movement for Integration’s candidate for MP in Vlorë, Shezai Rrokaj presented the project of the SMI for the development of the area.

Mr. Rrokaj declared that the Socialist Movement for Integration will do everything to return hope to the youth, so that the young people do not leave Albania, saying that:

“Albania is among the first countries for migration. Albanian people do not want to stay in Albania, because there is no hope to live here. The Socialist Movement for Integration policy is a policy that starts with the basic principle of the citizens and of relation of the state with the citizens. The SMI’s basic principle is supported in these main pillars: roads, water, energy and health system”

The SMI’s candidate in Vlorë added that the big change is coming and that the youth will trust in the SMI as the only party that has a clear and comprehensive program, giving hope to the youth.

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