SMI accusations, Police director: Police is depoliticized and is being monitored
19/06/2017 - 18:26

The State police director, Haki Çako responded today to the strong accusations the Socialist Movement for Integration members have issued against him, saying:

“I am the general director of the state police, based on the constitution of the republic of Albania, the law on state police, on the electoral code and based on all other acts.
I am the director of state police and not a leader of any political party. Categorically, I am not allowed to announce regardless of political parties’ interests. Despite the fact that I am heading a depoliticized organization, I am doing my duty and I will continue to do so as long as I am doing it with my punctuality. I am following the electoral process”
The police director continued adding that the state police are the most trustworthy institutions and that it is being controlled by international factors, stating:

“State police is the one of the most trustworthy institutions in providing security and managing the process which is being continuously monitored by all local structures, by international factors, by OSCE-ODIHR”

State police director çako issued the statement during a homage ceremony of a former police officer who died from an heart attack.
President-elect Ilir Meta was also present in the ceremony, but he did not comment on the recent incidents made against SMI members or on the accusations made against the state police director.

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