Situation in Kosovo, parliament once again failed to elect assembly speaker
10/08/2017 - 18:36

Kosovo’s parliament once again failed to elect a new assembly speaker and vice speakers, because of lacking the necessary quorum.

The representatives from the parties the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and the PAN coalition, didn’t take part in the session and the chairperson was forced to interrupt the proceedings.

The chairperson declared that they needed only 61 lawmakers, but that they couldn’t proceed without the PAN coalition representatives.

Also, lawmakers from the minorities who have 20 seats in the Assembly, were absent in today’s session.

Yesterday, the representatives of the PAN coalition announced that they would not participate in today’s plenary session.

The coalition should have at least 61 votes for the election of the Assembly Speaker and also for the formation of the new government.

However, the ruling coalition does not have the necessary votes.

In an effort to ensure the votes, the candidate for Prime Minister and part of the PAN coalition, Ramush Haradinaj met with the chairman of the party the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

It has been learned that the meeting was constructive, but the parties have not confirmed if they did, in fact, reach any agreement.

According to Kosovo’s constitution, the assembly speaker is proposed by the largest parliamentary group and is elected with a majority of votes in parliament.

In this case, the Democratic Party of Kosovo should be proposing the name of the Assembly Speaker.

The Parliament cannot continue with any other procedure for the formation of institutions until an assembly speaker is elected.

The 15 day phase for the formation of government starts only after the election of the assembly speaker.

Two months have passed since the early general elections were held on June 11.

The Assembly of Kosovo is still not fully constituted and the new government is still awaiting its complete ascension.


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