Risk from earthquakes, Chief of Emergency Service warns of earthquakes by end of year
10/08/2017 - 18:28

The Chief of the Emergency Service, Mr. Prençi held a meeting with Tirana’s Prefect and Firefighting Service to discuss the fire situation.

The Chief of the Emergency Service declared that the country is also at risk from earthquakes and floods.

Referring to the situation which occurred in 1967, Mr. Prençi had this to say:

“We will have another problem after the high temperatures. We should bear in mind that earthquakes happen in this certain period of time.

“50 years have passed since the earthquakes of 1967, and this current period coincides with a high risk of earthquakes in Albania.

“We should be careful and expect such a situation, as the first earthquakes have already started in Elbasan.

“Let’s pray that the earthquakes are without consequence, but we let’s also be prepared that the risk of a significant earthquake by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 is real.

“We should also be prepared for the intense rainfall that will come after the drought of the summer.

“We will face the first rainfall after September, and there will be floods that will block whole channels.”

Meanwhile, Tirana’s Prefect declared that local government requires more funding in order to handle emergencies.

Regarding the fire situation, the Chief of the Emergency Service asked for more monitoring of forest areas.

He mentioned that if Emergency Services are notified earlier, it is much easier to get the fires under control as they begin.

Mr. Prençi declared that that emergency services and local government are cooperating to ensure everything is being done to manage the situation accordingly.



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