Police training for elections, OSCE ambassador asks police officers to be unilateral
20/03/2017 - 18:32

6,500 State Police officers will be trained specifically to maintain the June 18th election process.

During the commencement of this training, the OSCE Ambassador, Bernd Borchardt, asked the State Police officers to be independent and to act with professionalism; declaring that elections are a cornerstone of a country’s democracy.

The OSCE Ambassador also asked the State Police officers not to forget the fight against cannabis, saying: “This year’s elections will be very important in consolidating democracy and the performance of the State Police during election process will be crucial for successful elections.”

“Even though these elections are a very important event for Albania, the State Police should also continue with its daily fight against threats, organized crime, and especially against cannabis.”-declared Borchardt.

The OSCE Ambassador also emphasized that electoral processes in Albania have seen significant improvements, adding that improvement of the electoral process is a key condition that needs to be fulfilled.

Present at the ceremony, the Head of the Central Election Commission, Denar Biba, raised his concern about the delay to preparing the electoral infrastructure.
“We should have constituted the Commissions of Areas’ Electoral Administration, which has not been set up yet. The two main Parties have not presented their candidates yet. The Central Election Commission has already asked the citizens who want to contribute and be part of commissions.”-declared the CEC Head.

Police Director Haki Çako declared that the State Police will be depoliticized, gave assurance for safeguarding the election standards in compliance with the law and offered his commitment to not allow any illegalities.

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