Police operation, Luxury vehicles and criminal assets seized in Elbasan
21/09/2017 - 18:34

The Special Forces, Renea Forces and Rapid Intervention Forces, in collaboration with local Elbasan police, have conducted a wide operation with the aim of controlling and identifying criminal elements.

Police seized some luxury vehicles, arrested a person who was wanted for armed robbery and accompanied 27 people to police stations for verification, mainly people with criminal precedents.

From the actions taken so-far, the police have seized some assets, different vehicles and other objects bought with money coming from crime.

Today’s actions are part of the operation ‘Autumn 2017’ for the identification and seizures of assets, vehicles and wealth accumulated from illegal activities of criminal gangs.

The state police thanked the citizens of Elbasan who have conveyed information and assured them that the police will continue with their work to maintain order throughout the country.

The state police director spoke from Elbasan, declaring that the fight against criminal assets will be made throughout the country.

“I want to express the commitment of state police, the Albanian government and especially the Minister of Interior, to fight without compromise against the activity of criminal gangs.

“We are determined to bring those who challenge the state before justice. The operation will not only be held in Elbasan, but in every city.

“State police will be present and determined to maintain order.

“We have accompanied a considerable number of people who are implicated in criminal activity to police stations and we will continue to do so” – declared the State Police Director.

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