PM on fires, Rama: We are handling the situation with success
10/08/2017 - 18:18

Through a posting on his facebook page, Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared that the fire situation will continue to be problematic over the coming days.

The Prime Minister informs that state’s capacity to face such situations is inadequate, but he promises to increase such capacity over the coming 4 years.

The Prime Minister informs that 8,261 Civil Emergency Employees, as well as firefighting teams, military forces, staff from City Halls, and volunteers are all engaged in operations to extinguish fires across the country.

“The operations to gain control of the fires continue as we battle extremely high temperatures, which have favored the spread of fires all over the Mediterranean region.

“We have engaged 8,261 people from the Civil Emergency Department, fire brigades, armed forces, municipal staff and volunteers, supported by 973 vehicles and 5 aircraft.

“The fire situation remains difficult.

“Our capacity to face such serious threats is limited. Over the next four years we need to build towards adequate capacity.

“However, the facts do reflect the colossal amount of work done under rather strenuous conditions. Only 8 out of 280 fires are still active.

“This figure is expected to reduce thanks to preparedness, as well as great coordination and cooperation between the local and central government” – declared the Prime Minister.



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