PM in parliament, Rama: We do not negotiate the mandate people gave us
20/04/2017 - 17:56

In today’s plenary session Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the government will not negotiate the mandate people have given, which ends on the day the new government will be created.

Mr. Rama stated:

“We do not negotiate the Constitution which provides people the right to elect. We do not negotiate the mandate people gave us. All these efforts are being made to hit the government and the June 18 elections. These efforts aim to destabilize the country. I can ensure you that only what the constitution predicts will happen”.

The Prime Minister gave assurances that the coalition with the Socialist Movement for integration will continue and expressed readiness to find compromise with the opposition, but according to him, voting for the vetting law should also be part of their dialogue.

Prime Minister Rama also commented on the request the Socialist Party and Socialist Movement for Integration filed to the Central Election Commission to postpone the deadline for the registration of coalitions in the elections.
The Prime Minister added that the only aim is to give time to the opposition to enter the elections, adding that there are no efforts to pressure the Central Election Commission, declaring:

“We did not have any motive to register our coalition, closing the door to the Democratic Party. We are here to confirm that we are not a party, but a coalition. We sent the request to take the Democratic Party out of the cul-de-sac.

“From the beginning, we have been committed to make an electoral reform according to OSCE recommendations. Even though time is expiring, we are open to make any change to the electoral law, which can relieve the opposition and can pave the way to enter the elections together. The Democratic Party CAN make any proposal for the electoral code, but there cannot be compromise without vetting. Let’s go into elections together with vetting”.

Commenting on the rounds for the election of the new president, the Prime Minister said the rounds are an opportunity to give time to the opposition to be involved in the process, adding:

“Again, we want to give a chance to the opposition. We want an impartial president. We want a president who will be able to sit with all political parties when the country needs it”

Mr. Rama also guaranteed that the elections will be held on June 18 as predicted, rejecting any opportunity for their postponement.

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