PM gathers the operational service at PM’s office
05/01/2017 - 17:57

Prime Minister Edi Rama gathered the Emergency Operational Directory today at the Prime Minister’s office, where he asked for the inclusion of all officials in order to avoid grave situations from the coming bad weather.

“We are committed to coping with the situation and our Civil Emergency teams have already been set up. All National Roads are currently passable,”-the Prime Minister said.
The Minister of Interior declared that all the necessary measures have been taken to provide necessary help to families that may get snowed in.

Present at the meeting, the Minister of Health spoke of the flu situation, declaring that the distribution of vaccines will continue and added that schools and kindergartens may be off for another week.

The Head of the Emergency Staff Service said that the overall road situation is normal, except for two road segments that are blocked by snow. He also raised his concern that the maintenance companies do not have enough salt to spread it on the streets.

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