PM, Assembly Speaker and FM call for Haradinaj’s release
05/01/2017 - 18:05

Prime Minister Edi Rama condemned Haradinaj’s arrest.
“The arrest of Haradinaj is absurd! It is unbelievable that the Serbian arrest warrants have not yet been deleted from the EU computers!”-the Prime Minister wrote on his social accounts.

The Albanian Assembly Speaker, Mr. Ilir Meta, considered the detention of the former Prime Minister of Kosovo to be unacceptable and urged France and the EU to resolve the incident and clarify their position regarding the case.
The Assembly Speaker’s office stated that Mr. Meta was surprised by the French police making an arrest based on the old warrant issued by Serbia.

The Assembly Speaker is convinced that the French authorities will clarify the circumstances of this arrest and act quickly to free Haradinaj. According to Mr. Meta, the arrest is illogical and an unacceptable act that does not help the current spirit of dialogue and cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia.

The Albanian Foreign Minister also condemns the arrest of Kosovo’s former Prime Minister, saying, “Ramush Haradinaj’s arrest in France, on the basis of a 2004 arrest warrant issued by Serbia is condemnable as it is a well-known fact that international justice has freed him of all accusations. I urge French authorities to clarify the situation and immediately release Ramush Haradinaj,” Bushati said in a statement, and added that this act damages the normalization process between Kosovo and Serbia.

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