Northern areas are covered by snow, national roads are open
06/01/2017 - 17:54

Snowfall in the last 24 hours has blocked some main road axes in rural areas of Albania, and caused power outages in some areas of Shkodër, Lezhë and Kukës.

The operator for energy distribution is working to fix the energy lines damaged because of bad weather, and electricity has returned to some areas.

The Civil Emergency Directory notified that there have been difficulties in circulation on some roads, making the use of tire chains unavoidable in certain areas.  The Civil Emergency structures and the contracted maintenance companies are committed to cleaning the snow from the roads, and are spreading salt.

Police are monitoring the road axis in Dibra, while 4 snow blowers are working to clean the road. For now, vehicles on Dibra’s National Road require tire chains.

The situation in Korçë and Vlorë has been significantly improved and traffic is getting back to normal, but tire chains should be used at the Dardha and Voskopoja tourist points.


Snow accumulation in Shkodra’s remote areas has reached up to 70 cm and there are snow blowers working to clean the roads.

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