New ministers, Xhafaj, Shalsi, Manastirliu, and Xhaçka in government
13/03/2017 - 18:24

After dismissing the Ministers of Interior, Health, Social Welfare and Youth, and the Minister for Local Issues, the Prime Minister announced their replacements today.

The Chairman of the Law Commission, Fatmir Xhafaj will be the new Minister of Interior, replacing Saimir Tahiri. Mr. Xhafaj, a former Minister of Justice, will be the new Minister of Interior for the next three months, holding the burden of the electoral process for June 18. Saimir Tahiri the now former Minister of Interior has held a Minister’s position the longest since 1990.

The Chairwoman of the Socialist Women’s Forum, Olta Xhaçka, will be the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, replacing Blendi Klosi, the Socialist Party delegate in Berat. Ms. Xhaçka has never held a Minister’s office before.

Eduard Shalsi, one of the Prime Minister’s closest cooperators in City Hall as Vice Mayor, will be the new Minister for Local Issues. Mr. Shalsi, is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Productive Activity.

The new Minister of Health is Ogerta Manastirliu, the Director of ‘Mother Teresa’ hospital, who comes from the Socialist Party structures, though not in the Parliamentary group. She is replacing Ilir Beqaj.

The four new Ministers will finish the government’s mandate, moving policies forward until the elections. With these new changes, the government now has 10 women and 9 men, not including the Prime Minister and vice Prime Minister. This is the first government in Albania’s democracy that is dominated by women.

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