New justice bodies, Supreme judiciary & prosecution council members will be elected
09/01/2017 - 18:11

The Albanian Parliament has announced that applications for members to the Supreme Judiciary Council and the Supreme Prosecution’s Council will be accepted until January 16.

After the Supreme Court and the Prosecution General opened applications for the positions, Parliament also invited candidates who want to be part of the Supreme Judiciary Council and the Prosecution’s Council.
There will be 5 members elected, outside of the Judiciary system, into the two new institutions that will be set up.
The candidates should present a request expressing their desire to apply for the vacancy and the necessary documents asked for by the Vetting Law. Candidate requests must be submitted to the Parliament’s General Secretary.

The Supreme Judiciary Council and the Supreme Prosecution’s Council are collegial bodies made of 11 members. 6 members will be elected by the Conference of Judges and Prosecutors, and the other 5 members will not be judges. They may be notaries, lawyers, professors or members of civil society.

The candidates will be reviewed by an Ad hoc Commission, made up of 5 members, 3 from the Majority and 2 from the Opposition. The candidate needs 4 votes in the Ad hoc Commission, in order to pass to Parliament, where 84 votes are then needed to approve each of the 5 members.

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