Mayor: 100 homeless are sheltered in social centers
06/01/2017 - 17:59

Tirana’s City Hall has provided shelter for 100 needy people, who have asked for City Hall’s help, with 20 among them being children.

There are 4 social centers being used to shelter the needy, and Tirana’s Mayor visited the social center in Administrative Unit 9 today, where 40 people are currently being sheltered.

“There are 4 social centers in Tirana. We have provided shelter to 100 people in the last 24 hours.  Some of them were living on the streets, some are from other cities, and some from the Roma community who were living in sheds”-said the Mayor.

The Mayor called on citizens to cooperate and get help, in order to face this emergency situation, and warned of removing parenting rights from those parents who leave their children in the streets.

“I want to call on the citizens to help the elderly and the children. Last night, we found some children on the streets, whose family’s lives in Tirana, and we returned them to their houses. We will not hesitate to remove parenthood rights from irresponsible parents who put their children out of their houses for any disagreement they may have. Most of the children in the streets come from families that live in Tirana or in nearby cities”-added the Mayor.

Tirana’s City Hall and other state structures have taken the necessary measures to help citizens endure the cold weather, and have also spread salt in the suburb areas.


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