Manjani: The government operates in violation of constitution
30/01/2017 - 18:05

Prime Minister Edi Rama dismissed the Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani today.

The news was made public after a meeting the Prime Minister held with Assembly Speaker, Ilir Meta.

Mr. Manjani later gave a press conference, where he spoke about his dismissal, issuing strong accusations against the government.


Manjani claims his dismissal is revenge by the Prime Minister, and that the decision was made because he critiqued several issues he feels are not being properly treated.

Mr. Manjani then listed several reasons, which according to him, prompted the Prime Minister to sign his dismissal.


With harsh words, Mr. Manjani accused the Prime Minister of pressuring the Assembly Speaker for several months, to dismiss him. But, Manjani added that the partners have asked for the dismissal of another Minister.


“I was notified about my dismissal by the media. Being a Minister was a very important duty for me. I did my best and I have been professional. When I became a Minister, I found no practice of professionalism and constitutionality. The Ministers are not allowed to speak in government meetings.


The Prime Minister has pressured the Assembly Speaker to dismiss me. I was dismissed because I spoke without permission. You are dismissed if you speak without permission. You are dismissed if you give your opinion. This is the message of Edi Rama. The Ministers are afraid to speak.


It’s not a crime to speak, its democracy. The government is out of any constitutional standard and operates in conditions of illegality. Decisions are made under pressure. Government decisions are being made without holding any meetings. Nothing relates me to this government. I feel honored that I am dismissed. I have spoken the truth, that’s why I was dismissed. The partners asked for Minister of Interior’s resignation”-declared Manjani.


Commenting on Klement Balili’s arrest, he added that there have been  efforts to link his name with the accused of drug trafficking, saying, “I was notified about Balili’s arrest warrant on May 17th, 2016 and I have asked for his arrest since that day”-he said.


The former Minister said that he will do everything he can for an independent justice system, and accused the government of corruption, spoke of concrete corrupt acts, telling the Prosecution to refer to the documents that exist.


After he listed the reasons for his dismissal and harshly attacked the Prime Minister, the former Minister thanked the Chairman of his Party, Mr. Ilir Meta, and advised him to sign detailed and written political agreements in the future. 

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