Low temperatures, Lakes and water pipes are frozen, snow in the south
10/01/2017 - 17:59

Low temperatures continue all over the country, freezing water pipes, depositories, and lakes, even though snow falls have been less intense recently.

Temperatures reached a low of minus 7 degrees Celsius in Shkodër, and most of the mountainous areas continue to be blocked by snow and ice.
Cold weather has also caused problems in the cities of Durres, Shkodra and Fier, freezing water pipes, causing thousands of citizens to not have drinking water in their houses.

Areas of Lezha are frozen and ice has been measured at up to 7 cm in thickness.
Fishermen have not worked for 4 days due to frozen waters, and they claim such a situation has never happened before.

In Kukës, the National Road is open and salt is being continuously spread on it.
However, in Dibër, problems are being reported in rural areas due to blocked roads.

Citizens of the country are concerned for their livestock in this unusual cold. Low temperatures have also caused problems in agriculture, damaging greenhouses.

Snow has started again in Gjirokaster and the citizens say they are spreading salt on the icy streets.
For the first time in many years, there is snow fall in Saranda, where citizens say the last time snow fell there was in 1985.

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