Low temperatures, Cold weather around the country, national roads are open
11/01/2017 - 18:31

Snowfall, accompanied by unusually low temperatures, continues all around the country.

The situation in Dibra is worsening, as Dibra’s villages are almost cut off because of snowfall.  Though the National Road is open, drivers are urged to use tire chains.


In Kukës, the National Road is open and vehicles are moving without tire chains, and most of the rural roads around Kukes are passable without chains.


The Ministry of Defense helicopter distributed supplies to Lezha, including food for the livestock.


Shkodër is experiencing extremely low temperatures with an absence of electricity in some areas, and some remote areas are blocked in by the snow.


In Korçë, the road maintenance company continues to spread salt in the streets and there are no problems on the roads being reported.


Gjirokastër continues to see snowfall and the roads are covered in ice.  The city police calls Gjirokastra’s citizens to use tire chains even in the city.

Snowfall in Saranda continued throughout the whole night and drivers are being cautioned to use tire chains on their vehicles.

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