‘Let’s continue with our battle’, Lulzim Basha: DP members will make important decisions
17/07/2017 - 18:02

During his meetings with democrats in areas of Berat, candidate for DP Chairman, Lulzim Basha, analyzed the June 25 elections by saying that the Democratic Party had its values and its program one side and on the other side there was crime, drugs and the state, which engaged in massive vote buying.
Basha stated, “Together we fought for decriminalization, we fought against drugs and for free and fair elections. June 25th proved that these three causes are not only fair causes, but the most important causes for Albania and Albanian people.”

“Edi Rama cannot guarantee free and fair elections, because he has created a corrupt and criminal system. On one side, there was the state, institutions, administration, police, gangs, money coming from drugs; and on the other side, there was the Democratic Party which never pressured the citizens, never made any pact with the crime, never included vote buying”-said Basha.

Mr. Basha said that his project aims to empower the citizens and members of the Democratic Party to make important decisions.
According to Mr. Basha, the Democratic Party is the only one with the morals and values to take the country out of the crisis; expressing his readiness to continue this battle to the end.

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