Legalizations, Govt. approves the legalization of 1,320 apartment buildings
11/01/2017 - 18:28

1,320 apartment buildings will receive legalization permits for the additional floors that were built without permissions.


The Council of Ministers approved the decision presented by the Ministry of Urban Development, which sets the rules for the legalization of these buildings.


After the Council of Ministers’ meeting, the Minister of Urban Development said that 26 to 30 thousand families all around the country will benefit from the decision.


According to the Minister of Urban Development, the citizens already paid their financial obligations when they bought the apartments; and they cannot be penalized for the builders who did not respect the rules or legal permissions.


The Council of Ministers’ decision gives a final solution to the longstanding legalization problem. The government aims to regulate the right to register an apartment by the citizen who bought it, and also to gather financial obligations from builders and investors.


However, the Ministry of Urban Development’s decision was rejected by the Minister of Justice, who argued that the initiative causes a clash of competencies between the Agency of Legalizations and the local government.  He also said that it passes the debt of the builder on to the apartment’s buyer.


In a letter sent to the Minister of Urban Development, the Minister of Justice said that the decision causes conflicts and does not guarantee control over the territory.

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