Law on minorities, Vangjel Dule expressed opinions against the government’s law
12/10/2017 - 18:15

The law for the protection of minorities was severely contested in parliament by the chairman of the Unity for Human Rights Party, Vangjel Dule.

Mr Dule argued that this draft doesn’t bring any new values, on the contrary it takes us some steps back in relation to the international conventions.

“It is a law which brings no new values.

“In 1995 the Republic of Albania signed the convention of the European Council for the protection of the minorities which was ratified.

“It became a part of our national legislation in 1999, thus it is above any other law. These 20 changed articles seek to replace this document” – said Dule.

The Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati and the Prime Minister Edi Rama replied to Mr. Dule calling him unworthy of a being a representative for the Greek minority.

Meanwhile former Prime Minister Berisha has contested some aspects of the law, emphasizing that appropriate change could never come from the current Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prime Minister Rama retorted that Greece does not have such laws and hasn’t signed the convention for minorities.

The minority’s deputy also debated with the foreign minister Ditmir Bushati.

Former Prime Minister Berisha advised that he wasn’t against the law, but he spoke against the way that the draft was presented in parliament.

At the beginning of the parliamentary session Vangjel Dule demanded the removal of the topic on the law for the minorities.

He argued that the required time limit for the commission’s approval had not been applied, but the request was not supported by the majority.

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