‘Justice has begun’, Xhafaj: Those who took justice hostage will be punished
19/06/2017 - 18:27

The Socialist MP Fatmir Xhafaj, who headed the parliamentary work for the judicial reform gave a press conference today, commenting on vetting.

Mr. Xhafaj praised the creation of vetting bodies adopted by the Albanian Parliament on Saturday, and greeted as well the approval of 27 members part of the revaluation institutions of judges and prosecutors.

According to Mr. Xhafaj, the implementation of the justice reform has started and said that corrupt politicians and judges have started to feel fear, stating:

“This is a process that will take time, but it is a necessary process to pave way to evaluation of judges and prosecutors. It will first start from Prosecution General, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court etc…”

The former chairman of the commission on the judicial reform is skeptical and agrees with the public opinion about some members for two vetting bodies, but he says:

“This is a difficult process, and it is only the beginning of this process. Efforts have been made to select the best members. Maybe inappropriate people can be among them, we will see this. But, if there are such people, soon they will not be part of these structures”

Commenting on the lawsuit to constitutional court against vetting, Mr. Xhafaj emphasized that this is a hopeless effort of the corporate of the corrupt in order to save themselves.

As former Minister of Interior, Mr. Xhafaj commented on the accusations of the Socialist Movement for Integration, saying that the state police does not help or hamper any political party to be the first party in elections.
The socialist MP who headed the parliamentary work for the reformation of the justice system, hopes that June 25 will be the day for a new era in justice system. Mr. Xhafaj praised the current opposition only for voting the constitutional draft on July 22.

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