June 18 elections, Rama: SP will enter elections even without the opposition
20/03/2017 - 18:39

The Socialist Party Parliamentary group held a meeting today, where the Prime Minister declared that the Socialist Party will enter the elections, regardless of the Democratic Party’s decision not to.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister asked Socialist MPs to give maximum commitment to the electoral campaign for the June 18th elections.
The Prime Minister emphasized that the Socialist Party’s only alternative, regardless of what Lulzim Basha or Sali Berisha say; is to have a greater victory than that of the 2013 elections.

That stance was also reiterated by the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Ermonela Felaj, who spoke after the Socialist Parliamentary group, saying:
“The MPs and the Socialist Party representatives are clear on their work in the field”.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister also disqualified the idea of postponing elections, saying that Albania is not in the same situation as Macedonia. He reiterated support for the Judicial Reform, and his conviction that it will progress.

Earlier today, the Socialist Party gathered its Chairmanship, where April 2nd was appointed as the date to gather the General Assembly, and April 29th as the date for the Socialist Party Congress to gather for adopting the MP candidate lists for the June 18th elections.

When asked about the President’s statement regarding the appointment of Fatmir Xhafaj as Minister of Interior, the Prime Minister refused to give an answer.

Yesterday, the President, in a media outlet, spoke against the appointment of Mr. Xhafaj as Minister of Interior, but added that the Constitution does not allow a President to refuse the proposal.

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