June 18 elections, Opposition parties in a unified stance for free & honest elections
11/01/2017 - 18:30

The Opposition will condition any Parliamentary activity with the advancement of the Electoral Reform.

The Democratic Party Chairman held a meeting today with his allies. After the meeting, he declared that they have a unified stance for an electoral platform, which according to him will guarantee standards in the June 18th Parliamentary elections.

The Democratic Party Chairman added that the electoral process is at risk, as the Prime Minister has mobilized his gangs.

In a statement he said, “We confirm our unified stance for the upcoming elections, which is that criminals cannot decide the elections but the citizens must. The Opposition’s platform is for free and honest elections. The upcoming elections are at risk by criminals. Electronic voting solves the vote buying problem. We agreed on a platform for free elections. We re-confirm electronic voting and counting. We re-confirm Party funding restrictions of expenditures during the campaign, and equality in media access. There is no more time. So the Opposition will condition any further movement with the platform for Electoral Reform”.


When asked by journalists about the appeal of the Decriminalization Law with the Constitutional Court, the DP Chairman called it an attack being made against democracy. According to the DP Chairman, the Decriminalization Law is important for free elections.


The DP Chairman publicly expressed in favor of an open list electoral system. Mr. Basha said he is in favor of any electoral system that empowers citizen decision making. He also proposed that the candidates be elected by the Party members.

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