FM Bushati responds to serbian FM: ‘Statements for Albanians are victimization and theater’
10/01/2017 - 17:54

Albania’s Foreign Minister has called the statement of his Serbian counterpart ‘pure victimization and theater’.

The Serbian Foreign Minister declared earlier, “There is security information indicating an Albanian Diaspora plan to seize the building of a Serbian diplomatic or consular mission in the EU or the US, to force Belgrade to give up on its request for Ramush Haradinaj to be tried.”- he added that Albanian politicians in Kosovo are prepared to do anything for the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, even terrorism.

According to the Albanian Foreign Minister, Belgrade’s official stance is not productive and he urges Serbia to realize the international court’s decision for Kosovo’s former Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj. The Albanian Foreign Minister held a joint press conference with Montenegro’s Foreign Minister, where he said-

“I think that using victimization as a political tool, combining it with melodrama and aggressive behavior, can have surprising effects in a short term plan, but it cannot be productive in the long term.  Have respect for international justice, respect for your neighbors, is a precondition for stability, security and the further democratization of the region”.-

During the meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart, Foreign Minister Bushati emphasized Albania’s support for Montenegro’s membership in NATO. Both Ministers agreed on empowering and modernizing the border points.

While commenting on the Demarcation issue, a suspended agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro, the Montenegrin Foreign Minister said this is an issue for Kosovo’s internal policy.

“We have not set conditions for Kosovo. We have shown patience and we will continue to wait until Kosovo’s political parties reach an agreement between themselves”- said Montenegro’s Foreign Minister.

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