Flu virus, Public health institute: More than 19,000 people affected
09/01/2017 - 18:19

The AH3N2 flu virus continues to swiftly spread across Albania. According to the Public Health Institute data, there are now over 19,000 citizens affected nationally, with 700 citizens from the Capital having sought medical assistance.

The Public Health Institute specialist says that the situation in health centers and in the sanatorium department is alarming, with high numbers of people affected by the flu virus.

According to the Public Health Institute’s specialist, all the patients hospitalized in the sanatorium department have been admitted for flu conditions, with two patients confirmed as having died in this department from flu complications.

The Ministry of Health ordered all schools, kindergartens and universities to be closed this week, in order to stop the virus from being further spread.
Specialists are expecting the number of people seeking medical help for flu virus related conditions to begin to reduce.

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