Fires in Albania, head of emergency service: 600 fires in three months
10/08/2017 - 18:20

Albania is ranked among the countries with the highest number of fires this Summer.

The Chief of the Civil Emergency Service has announced that there have been 600 fires registered in the past three months, burning thousands of hectares of bushes of land.

The chief said that 11 fires erupted in the past 24 hours, with 2 firefighters having been injured during operations to extinguish the flames.

The Civil Emergencies report that the situation is still concerning at the Krraba tunnel near Dajti mountain, at Bogova Park near Berat, at the Jorgucat village near Gjirokastra and at ‘Syri i Kaltër’ in Vlorë.

A fire also erupted in Tirana at the artificial lake.

The situation was concerning in Finiq, where helicopters from Greece helped gain control of the flames. It was during this operation that 2 firefighters were slightly injured.

The Viva Company has also provided assistance, sending its helicopters all around the country to battle flames.

It is calculated that Viva helicopters have fought for 200 hours, helping the Civil Emergency Service with the difficult situation across the country.

The Specialists of the Civil Emergency Service are keeping the situation under constant monitoring throughout the country.

The high temperatures have significantly increased the risk of fires, but most concerning are those that have been deliberately lit, or caused by the carelessness of citizens.


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