Fires in Albania, 15 fires in the last 24 hours
17/07/2017 - 18:05

According to the Civil Emergency Services, 15 fires have erupted in different areas of the country, including Vlora, Durrës, Berat, Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha and Dibra in the last 24 hours.

153 firefighters, along with 138 men from our military forces and their helicopters, are engaged in operations to extinguish the flames.

The Civil Emergency specialists are keeping the situation under constant monitoring throughout the country, because the danger of fires is still present due to the hot weather.

The Civil Emergency Service has reiterated its appeal to citizens to call emergency phone numbers if they see any signs of fire.

According to the Civil Emergency Service, 2 hectares were burned in Berat, 2 hectares in Vlorë and a small surface of bushes was burned in Tiranë.

10 hectares of countryside burned in Shkodër, here 20 firefighting teams helped to extinguish the flames which were favored by the strong winds.

A significant area of pines and bushes, around 5 hectares, has been burning in Lezhë, where firefighting teams are having difficulty because of the rugged terrain.

The Civil Emergency Service has asked Viva for the use of their helicopters, in order to extinguish the fires in Lezhë, where the flames are putting homes in the Manati area at risk.

After several hours of being at the ready, Viva helicopters intervened as soon as the strong winds calmed. Viva helicopters have recently been flying nonstop over the rugged terrains all around Albania, helping the Civil Emergency Service with extinguishing the fires.

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